About Us

Beacon Global Group is based on a world without borders. Businesses and individuals are moving around our globe at record pace and with record numbers. We help them navigate the complexities that occur with global mobility and expansion. The principle of ‘it is noble to be of service to others’ is a value shared among cultures. Like a Beacon we strive to provide guidance and inspiration.

Randy Landsman

Financial advisor to business executives and affluent individuals for more than 20 years who believes in financial education, transparency and hands-on advice.

Joby Gruber
Group President- Beacon Global Group

Career financial services executive who has an extensive network of clients and successful track record of helping advisors grow their business.


Robin Landsman
President - Human Capital Solutions

Career human resources executive for leading global consumer goods and financial services companies and most recently Chief Talent Officer for S&P Global Financial Services.


Group Director- Business Services

With over 20 years of financial services experience, operations, recruiting and global relations, Janice thrives in building, processing and implementing systems for marketing distribution. As Group Director Business Services Janice is responsible for strategy, tactics and programs to create interest, demand and recognition of services through use of various marketing and sales initiatives.

Alex Lushpay
Group Director- Institutional Solutions

Alex has over 12 years’ global experience specializing in general management, financial sales and research. In addition to his overall leadership he is also responsible for global marketing, compliance and client engagement; and specializes in working with the investor base in the Channel Islands and the French speaking part of Switzerland.


James Floyd
Group Director- Commercial

James has a wealth of knowledge and experience in both Investment Banking and Asset Management. In his role of Group Commercial Director with BGG, James is responsible for driving the commercial activities and company presence outside of the United States.

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